Permanent Magnetic Clamping Systems

- Permanent Magnetic Clamping Plates
- Permanent Magnetic Clamping Chucks
- Permanent Magnetic L-Blocks
- Permanent Magnetic Clamping Blocks




Electromagnetic Clamping Systems

- Electromagnetic Clamping Plates
- Round Electromagnets
- Electromagnetic Clamping Blocks
- Electromagnetic Bars




Combined Electric / Permanent Magnetic Clamping Systems

- Combined Electric / Permanent Magnetic Clamping Plates
- Combined Electric / Permanent Magnetic Chucks



Zubehör für Magnet-Spannsysteme

Accessories for Magnetic Clamping Systems

- Bar blocks
- Round grooved clamping plates
- Pole extenders for combined electric / permanent magnet clamping plates
- Holders for magnetic chucks
- Demagnetizers
- Magnetic measurement instruments
- Demagnetizing and control modules
- Accessories for demagnetizing and control modules




Sine Tables

- Sine tables w/o a magnetic clamping plate
- Sine tables with a magnetic clamping plate
- Since tables with a bottom clamp



Magnetische Lasthebegeräte

Magnetic Hoisting Devicese

- Permanent lifting magnets
- Accessories for permanent lifting magnets
- Magnetic conveyor
- Combined electric / permanent magnet modules
- Combined electric / permanent lifting magnets
- Electric lifting magnets



Spreiz- und Separiermagnete

Release and Separating Magnets

- Magnetic separators
- Release magnets
- Permanent magnet separation systems



Magnetische Spannhilfen

Magnetic Clamping Devices

- Permanent Magnetic Clamping Blocks
- Permanent magnet bars
- Permanent magnet clamping blocks
- Permanent magnetic prism-shaped blocks
- Round permanent magnets
- Accessories for welding and assembly operations




Measuring Mounts

- Magnet-Mess-Stative




Holding, Sorting, and Positioning Magnets

- Manual magnets
- Lifting magnets
- Sorting magnets
- Magnetic bases
- Clamping bars




Magnetic Gripper Systems

- Rod grippers
- Flat grippers
- Pocket-size magnets
- Strong magnets
- Rod magnets
- Pot magnets




Office Magnets

- Magnets for magnetic boards
- Magnetic films
- Magnetic bags
- Magnetic bands



Sonstige Spannsysteme

Other Clamping and Holding Systems

- Vice